Your auto-booking rate is based on your geographic area and your star rating, but you can always earn more. Want to raise your rate? There are a number of ways:

1. Select your own rate for any job posting by submitting a Custom Offer for that job. You can choose any $/hr rate, regardless of your auto-booking rate.
2. Book jobs posted with green incentive bonuses
3. Refer friends to join TempStars and earn a bonus when they sign up. The orange rate indicates your current Referral Bonus
4. Earn a 5-star rating by getting top reviews from offices

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Did a colleague refer you?
If so, enter their unique Referral Code here to claim your reward!

Once you join, you'll receive your own Referral Code to earn paid bonuses! If no one specific invited you, you can leave this blank.

Canadian Referral Program.

USA Referral Program.

Give a gift, Get a gift!

Refer a friend and they will get a bonus +$2/hr on their first placement!

And you’ll get:
+$.25/hr bonus on your next booking when they sign up, and
+$1.75/hr bonus on your next booking when they complete their first placement!

Full details here

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Offices who thought you were so awesome they designated you as a “Favourite” - you have exclusive first access to their future job postings
Offices who were pleased with your service
Offices who were unhappy with your service and have blocked you from viewing their future job postings

= Auto-book available

Office allows booking right in the app at the specified rate. Custom Offers are also possible.

= Custom Offers requested

Submit a Custom Offer for this shift at your preferred hourly rate.

= Urgent job posting

Urgent: This shift starts soon and might be an opportunity for a Custom Offer at a premium hourly rate.